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CODA, made a video docking with the SCODA and INTEMA

发布时间:2022-06-30 16:55:16 文章来源:Business Development Department IV

In the afternoon of June 24, Liu Jianqing, Deputy Secretary General of CODA, made a video docking with the SCODA and INTEMA.
Ms. Liu introduced the main situation in supporting and serving Chinese enterprises "going global" for investment and cooperation, especially the cooperation with the SCODA, and expressed that CODA would fully support the cooperation between INTEMA and SCODA.
It is reported that INTEMA, formerly subject to MTS, is the largest telecom operator in Russia and Eastern Europe, headquartered in Moscow. After nearly 30 years of development, it has grown from a mere telecom operator platform to the most important large ecology in Russia and even Eastern Europe with the core of the telecom industry, covering e-commerce, financial technology and cloud computing, with future focusing on the technology sector, striving to become the most technologically advanced integrated group in Russia and Eastern Europe.(Provided by Business Department IV)


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