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Introduction of CODA

    Nature and Purpose of CODA

    China Overseas Development Association (CODA, also known as China Industrial Overseas Development & Planning Association) is a national non-profit social organization with corporate capacity duly approved by and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. CODA was established on 10 December 2004. CODA’s Honorary Chairman is Zeng Peiyan, former Vice-Premier of the State Council, and its President is Zhang Guobao, former Vice-Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and former Director (at ministerial level) of the National Energy Administration.

    The competent department in charge of CODA’s administration is the NDRC. Under NDRC’s guidance, CODA provides services for Chinese enterprises’ overseas investments and development. CODA has been actively implementing the “Going Global” strategy, serving as a bridge and link between the government and enterprises, to provide comprehensive services for the overseas development of Chinese enterprises.

    Organizational Structure

    CODA consists of a board (with a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary-general and a deputy secretary-general), a general office, a finance department, a general affairs department, a legal department, an international cooperation department, a research & planning department, an investment consulting department, a training department and an international event and exhibition department. CODA also has regional and liaison offices.

    1. General Office: manages CODA’s human resources, foreign affairs, documentations, archives and daily affairs.

    2. Finance Department: is responsible for CODA’s financial management and daily financial affairs.

    3. General Affairs Department: provides services for CODA members and recruits new members, and is responsible for quarterly and year-end reports and for contacting CODA’s regional and liaison offices.

    4. Legal Department: is responsible for CODA’s various legal affairs and provides a wide range of foreign-related legal services for Chinese enterprises’ outbound investment.

    5. International Cooperation Department: is responsible for the work of program planning, business consultancy, as well as overseas tour, participation in and organization of exhibitions and events, relating to outbound investment, trade and economic cooperation.

    6. Training Department: organizes targeted staff training and trains highly qualified personnel proficient in transnational operation and management in order to meet enterprises’ “Going Global” requirements.

    7. Research & Planning Department: is responsible for research on outbound investment planning, including cooperation with the targeted countries to conduct studies on industry development planning and provides related advices as reference for Chinese enterprises.

    8. Investment Consulting Department: focuses on outbound investment program consulting, planning and designing, and arranges for related industry experts to conduct feasibility study on investment projects.

    9. International Event and Exhibition Department: manages Chinese outbound investment cooperation fairs and the preparation and organization of related seminars and presentations.

    Service Scope

    1.CODA serves as a bridge between the Chinese government and enterprises. CODA members may propose advices and opinions regarding the formulation and revisions of related government policies on overseas investment and economic and trade cooperation, and CODA will reflect such voices to the corresponding state ministries and government agencies in order to maintain maximum leeway for development and legitimate rights and interests of the enterprises.

    2.CODA has maintained close collaborative relationship with national ministries like the NDRC and the Ministry of Commerce, as well as policy-based financial institutions such as China Development Bank and Export-Import Bank of China. Under certain circumstances, CODA may organize or assist its enterprise members to participate in the construction and financing of major overseas projects.

    3.Relying on CODA’s close collaborative relationship with PRC embassies, consulates and commerce bureaus stationed abroad, and based on its partnership with relevant departments of foreign governments and the wide ranging influence of our bilingual website, from time to time CODA will arrange for foreign enterprises to come to China to look for Chinese investment partners and to discuss with CODA enterprise members one-on-one.

    4.CODA proactively collects and organizes information related to regional, domestic and international supply and demand, investment and various other business intelligence, offers market research reports categorized by country and industry, and edit and publish information (including timely electronic publications) for enterprises’ reference.

    5.CODA is taking advantage of its collaborative relationship with foreign chambers of commerce, trade associations and other relevant agencies to organize, from time to time, seminars, business tours, exhibitions, and a series of other business events domestically or overseas to continuously encourage its enterprise members to seek new economic growth points.

    6.Through its solid cooperation with domestic and international public relations, consulting and legal services institutions, CODA has been offering comprehensive consulting and legal services to enterprises, including feasibility studies of major overseas projects, project public relations, legal advices and litigation services after the occurrence of disputes and offshore mergers and acquisitions.

    7.As an intermediary for enterprise members, CODA will effectively coordinate interests among enterprise members, maintain normal production and operation order, avoid possible vicious competitions at home and abroad and foster member enterprises to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation and achieve synchronized development.

    8.As the best choice for enterprises to cultivate talents with specialties, CODA will from time to time organize enterprise staff training. Enterprise members have priority to participate in every type of professional and technical training held by CODA.

    Major Work Engaged by CODA

    1. Hosts "China Overseas Investment Fair"

    CODA and China Development Bank jointly founded the “China Overseas Investment Fair” in November 2009, and the Fair is held annually with over 100 government investment promotion agencies and company representatives attending it. As China’s sole significant event targeting overseas investment as its specific mandate, through display and discussion, main symposium, research symposium, research seminars, investment promotional sessions of individual countries and other activities, the Fair plays an instrumental role in building a professional platform for overseas investment cooperation among the participants of the Fair. It also opens a major portal to attract Chinese capital to every country in the world.

    Honorary Chairman, Zeng Peiyan, Speaking at the Opening Ceremony

    Chairman, Zhang Guobao, Speaking at the Opening Ceremony


    Vice-Chairman of the NDRC, Zhang Xiaoqiang,
    Delivering his Keynote Speech

    Vice-Chairman of the NDRC, Mu Hong, Delivering
    his Keynote Speech 


    2. Holds CODA Board Member Expansion Meeting and Successfully Completing Leadership Transition

    CODA held its board member expansion meeting at the People’s Hall on 26 September 2012 and successfully completed its leadership transition. Under the great support of the NDRC, the National Energy Administration and other government departments, CODA is renewing its membership drive nation wide. China National Nuclear Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, State Grid Corporation of China and other major state owned enterprises, as well as Wanxiang Group, China Oceanwide Group, ENN Group and other well know private enterprises are CODA’s board members for the new term.

    3.Holds High-Level International Forums to Enhance CODA’s Recognition and Influence

    On 13 April 2013, during the China visit of the new U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the U.S.-China Energy Cooperation Meeting Seminar, jointly sponsored by CODA and the U.S.-China Energy Cooperation Program, was held at the Beijing Diaoyutai Hotel. The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the PRC State Councilor Yang Jiechi attended and spoke at the Meeting. Vice-Chairman of the NDRC and Director of the National Energy Administration, Wu Xinxiong, CODA’s Chairman, Zhang Guobao, the Vice Foreign Minister, Zhai Jun, the Vice Commerce Minister, Wang Chao, the U.S. Ambassador to the PRC, Gary Locke, the Director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, Leocadia Zak, and others also attended the Meeting.

      U.S. Secretary of State, Kerry, Speaking    PRC State Councilor, Yang Jiechi, Speaking


    Director of the National Energy Administration,     
    Wu Xinxiong, Speaking

    Chairman, Zhang Guobao, hosting the Meeting


    4.Organizes Seminars on Country-Specific Investment Policies and Practices

    In order to better allow enterprise members to understand the investment environment, policies and project information of certain targeted countries, CODA organizes annual seminars about the investment policies and practices of key target investment countries and regions. Through inviting embassy (consulate) ambassadors or commercial counselors stationed in the PRC, foreign investment institutions and other authoritative individuals to introduce investment environment, policies, laws and regulations and local conditions and customs of their respective countries, the seminars provide detailed investment information to Chinese enterprises attending them, build communication and liaison platform among embassies or consulates stationed in the PRC, foreign investment bureaus, as well as finance, legal, consulting, media and other institutions and better provide services to enterprises “Going Global”.

    Seminar on Canadian Investment Policies and Practices Seminar on U.S. Investment Policies and Practices


      Sino-Russia Investment Promotion Conference Sino-Swiss Economic Forum    


    5.Hosts Investment Project Promotional Meetings

    CODA hosts overseas investment project promotional meetings, which are highly popular among Chinese enterprises. CODA cooperates with embassies (consulates) stated in the PRC, investment bureaus and financial institutions of individual countries to leverage their respective strengths, and from time to time co-hosts investment project promotional meetings. The continuous and in-depth implementation of this work offers targeted investment project recommendation for different types of Chinese enterprises "Going Global".

    Promotional Meeting for the Africa Planning Project             Promotional Meeting for Investment Projects in Switzerland


    Promotional Meeting for the Ukrainian CT Project                 

    Promotional Meeting for Investment Projects in Greece 


    6. Organizes Individual Country Investment Planning Project Research

    CODA has jointly established an expert committee with China Development Bank, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a number of world-famous universities to carry out focused research, to conduct on-site investigation, to prepare feasibility study reports and to convene individual country investment project panel discussion on selected topics regarding mining, power, energy, water management, transportation and other issues relating to major investment projects in targeted countries. The research results thus generated provides useful references for government agencies’ policy-making process and offers useful services for the investment and prosperity of Chinese enterprises’ “Going Global”.

    CODA Chairman, Zhang Guobao, Hosting Panel Discussion Meeting On West Africa Power Planning Project Research Results


    7. Organizes Domestic and Overseas Professional Trainings for Every Type of Investing Entities

    CODA values the cultivation of outbound investment talents. From time to time it organizes outbound investment business training classes for every type of investing entities and professional trainings for senior management personnel of relevant enterprises. CODA invites officials of relevant domestic and foreign government agencies, financial institution representatives and experts from internationally renowned law firms, accounting firms, investment banks, public relations firms and other third party service agencies to lecture on outbound investment, to improve decision-making and management quality of every type of investing entities and to enhance their awareness of risks and ability to fight risk in connection with outbound investment.

    CODA Organizes the Training Class on Foreign Capital Exploitation and Overseas Investment Business for the National Development and Reform System


    8. Building of Information Technology

    The building of information technology is central to CODA’s work, and CODA operates multiple Internet promotional platforms, including, and In addition, CODA has established a strategic cooperation mechanism with domestic and foreign media and advisory bodies. It is gradually setting up and improving its information database, as well as collecting, organizing and summarizing investment promotional information from individual countries. Periodically on a monthly basis through its member journal, CODA publishes target investment country, investment policy, investment environment, investment project and other information. And depending on the different needs of every type of investing enterprises “Going Global”, CODA offers up-to-date, authoritative and tailored offshore investment information services for enterprises.




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