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Liu Jianqing had a meeting with Ms Sun

发布时间:2022-06-30 16:52:47 文章来源:Business Development Department IV

On the morning of 24 June, Ms Liu Jianqing, Deputy Secretary General, China-Asia Economic Development Association(CAEDA) and had a meeting with Ms Sun Yingjie, Deputy Secretary-General of CAEDA.
Ms Liu introduced the development history and main achievements of CODA and expressed her hope for in-depth cooperation with CAEDA through complementary advantages.
Ms. Sun Yingjie, Deputy Secretary General, said that CAEDA was established under the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China to promote cultural exchange and economic and trade cooperation among the people of Asian countries, and in recent years, it has been cooperating with various local governments to help attract local investment.(Provided by Business Department IV)


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