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CODA Attended the Matchmaking Meeting of Latching Ceremony of the Beijing Liaiso

发布时间:2023-01-30 09:19:48 文章来源:Business Development Department IV

On the afternoon of January 13, CODA participated in the matchmaking meeting for the launch of the Beijing Liaison Center of the Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Area(SCODA) to discuss the agenda, specific contents and meeting affairs, laying a solid foundation for further work. Beijing Liaison Center of SCODA (Beijing Business Center of Shanghai Cooperation Holding Co., LTD.) serves as a bridge for the SCODA to communicate, coordinate and communicate with state ministries, embassies of the SCO countries in China, institutions in China and central state-owned enterprises. It is also an important window for SCODA to be displayed, publicized and introduced to the outside world, as well as a front position for the joint development of the modern SCODA. The Beijing Liaison Center of the SCODA fits in well with the functions of the China Overseas Development Association, providing favorable conditions for the two sides to carry out cooperation. (Provided Business Department Ⅳ)


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