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Trade and Investment of Australian Victoria Government visited CODA

发布时间:2023-01-16 10:14:44 文章来源:Business Development Department IV

On January 9, Pei Hailan, Senior Investment Representative of the Trade and Investment of the State Government of Victoria, Australia, visited CODA and had a discussion and exchange with Liu Jianqing, Deputy Secretary General, on investment and economic and trade cooperation.
Liu Jianqing welcomed Pei Hailan's visit and firstly introduced the main work and important achievements CODA has made in international economic cooperation in recent years, and expressed the willingness of CODA to establish practical cooperation with the Victorian government and to promote Chinese enterprises to carry out investment and economic and trade activities in Victoria, Australia by taking advantage of the resources of both sides.
Pei Hailan briefly introduced the relevant situation of Victoria, saying that the state is rich in resources, has great investment potential and excellent business environment, and that the work of the representative office is very compatible with the business carried out by CODA, especially the China Overseas Investment Fair held by your association is of particular interest. We hope to cooperate with CODA in all aspects, such as organizing investment promotion meetings, special forums, and organizing visits to Australia for Chinese enterprises, etc. The representative office will cooperate with your association to do a good job in business matching. I will cooperate with you to do a good job in business matching.  (Provided by Business Department IV)


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