Business Development Department  III


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  • 大失序与大断裂:俄乌冲突一周年专题报告会 大失序与大断裂:俄乌冲突一

  • 尼泊尔能源领域投资推介会在京成功举办 尼泊尔能源领域投资推介会在

  • 雅库特铁路项目交流会成功召开 雅库特铁路项目交流会成功召

About us

    The main function of Business Development Dept. III:
    1. To provide service for member companies and attract more new members to join CODA, to develop different industry special committees and maintain the contacts accordingly;
    2. To provide consulting service for enterprises to participate on the Belt and Road international cooperation, to coordinate the cross border cooperation and operation of the Energy Exchange Center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area;
    3. To develop and strengthen the cooperation with local governments, to co-organize international events with local partners, including the promotion and organization of TUOLE FORUM in Guizhou province.
    4. To develop and maintain international business cooperation with different countries and pay more attention on the Middle East and Latin America region, providing investment and trade consulting services to domestic and overseas enterprises.
    5. To organize the China Overseas Investment Fair, keeping close communication and exchanging information with foreign embassies and consulates in China as well as the related international institutions.

Contact us

    Contact: Emily
    Tel: +86-10-63259010