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  • 大失序与大断裂:俄乌冲突一周年专题报告会 大失序与大断裂:俄乌冲突一

  • 尼泊尔能源领域投资推介会在京成功举办 尼泊尔能源领域投资推介会在

  • 雅库特铁路项目交流会成功召开 雅库特铁路项目交流会成功召

About us

    1. Responsible for the preparation and operation of official documents, personnel and human resources, the use and management of secretarial files and official seal, and the organization of administrative meetings;

    2. Responsible for the minutes and supervision of the chairman's office meeting, and do a good job in coordinating and assisting various departments to carry out business activities;

    3. Responsible for the annual work plan, summary report and foreign affairs work of the association, as well as the work of reporting to leadership and making known to lower levels and expert consultation;

    4. Responsible for the guarantee of the "China Overseas Investment Fair", assist various departments to carry out business activities, and do a good job in service development members and project consultation;

    5. Responsible for financial work, implement relevant system requirements in accordance with laws and regulations, and report the operation of funds to the chairman in a timely manner;

    6. Responsible for wages and benefits, salary distribution and reimbursement according to procedures, and do a good job in capital early warning and the custody of relevant agreements or contracts and accounting data;

    7. Responsible for annual performance evaluation and group work, office area, office items and asset items, and official vehicle management;

    8. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

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    Contact: Yan Qinglin
    Tel: 010-88515352
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