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The meeting between the minister of the Ministry of Economy of Armenia and Chine

发布时间:2023-06-08 19:22:07 文章来源:Business Development Department I

On the afternoon of June 6, 2023, Vahan Kerobyan. Minister of Economy of Armenia and Ambassador of Armenia to China Sergey Manassarian visited China Overseas Development Association and met with 16 representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs.
He Zhenwei expressed in his speech that he warmly welcomes the visit of Minister Kerobyan and Ambassador Manassarian. The CODA has always attached importance to the cooperation with Armenia. From April 19th to 22nd, it organized a delegation of nearly 20 entrepreneurs to visit Armenia. Thanks to Mr. Kerobyan for meeting the delegation in Yerevan during his busy schedule, He Zhenwei especially thanked Ambassador Manassarian for his support to CODA and the promotion of economic exchanges between the two countries.

Minister Kerobyan said that Armenia attaches great importance to the cooperative relationship with China, and hopes to deepen mutual understanding through this meeting and promote cooperation and exchanges between the two sides in various fields. He also highlighted Armenia's potential in areas such as energy, logistics, agriculture and healthcare, and expressed a desire to establish partnerships with Chinese entrepreneurs.

Ambassador Manassarian pointed out that China is developing rapidly and has rich experience and advanced technology in various fields. The Armenian embassy to China will actively assist Chinese companies to go to Armenia and provide convenient conditions. Thanks to the CODA for promoting investment in Armenia, looking forward to Jointly explore cooperation opportunities to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.(Contributed by Department 1)


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