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He Zhenwei held a meeting with the Minister of Kenyan Embassy

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In the morning of April 20, President He Zhenwei and his delegation visited the Kenyan Embassy in China and held a meeting with Minister Edward Waweru Kimani.

He Zhenwei introduced the basic information of CODA to Mr. Edward and pointed out that since its establishment in 2003, CODA has been committed to providing services and building a platform for Chinese enterprises to "go global" for investment and cooperation. He Zhenwei said that in order to provide better overseas investment services, we established China Overseas Investment Fair(COIFAIR) in 2009, which is the only international conference focused on serving foreign investment business in China, and hoped that Mr. Edward and the diplomats of the Kenyan Embassy could attend the opening ceremony and conduct one-on-one negotiations with Chinese enterprises. At the same time, He Zhenwei exchanged views with Minister Edward on the China-East Africa Investment Cooperation Forum to be held.

Minister Edward Waweru Kimani welcomed President He Zhenwei and his delegation and expressed his willingness to participate in the China-East Africa Investment Cooperation Forum and the COIFAIR to be held on September 16. Minister Edward noted that the relationship between Kenya and China has been strong for a long time and appreciated the close cooperation between the two countries. Kenyan Embassy in China is very willing to cooperate with CODA to promote more Chinese enterprises to invest in Kenya and expand their diverse development. Mr. Edward also mentioned that the global digitalization process is accelerating due to the impact of the pandemic, and Kenya is vigorously developing the digital economy, which hopefully will become a new cooperation opportunity between Kenya and CODA.

In terms of developing clean energy, Kenya is at the forefront of Africa, especially its power generation industry relying mainly on renewable energy. He Zhenwei also introduced to Mr. Edward the Clean Energy Expo China 2022 to be held in June and invited Mr. Edward to attend the Expo. Adopting the platform of Clean Energy Expo, we will promote the advantages of Kenya's energy industry and attract more Chinese investors in the energy sector.

Lymoh, counsellor of Kenyan Embassy, and Liu Jianqing, deputy secretary general, Dang Tao, director of Business Department Ⅳ, and Yang Yang and Ying Tongyan from Business Department Ⅳ participate the meeting. (Provided by Business Department Ⅳ)


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