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President He Zhenwei held a meeting with Chargé d'affaires Oundo Mukaga of Ugand

发布时间:2022-04-22 10:16:24 文章来源:Business Development Department IV

In the afternoon of April 19, President He Zhenwei and his delegation visited the Ugandan Embassy in China and held a meeting with Chargé d'affaires Oundo Mukaga.

President He Zhenwei introduced the basic information of CODA to Chargé d'affaires Oundo Mukaga, and said that CODA has been committed to serving Chinese enterprises to "go global" and carrying out foreign investment cooperation for nearly 20 years since its establishment, especially through the 12 consecutive sessions of the China Overseas Investment Fair, creating business opportunities for different countries and engaging in exerting great influence in Belt and Road construction. We hope that Chargé d'affaires Oundo Mukaga and the diplomats of Ugandan Embassy can attend the opening ceremony and conduct dialogues with Chinese enterprises. At the same time, we exchanged views with Chargé d'affaires on the China-East Africa Investment Cooperation Forum that we plan to organize in the first half of the year.

Mr. Oundo Mukaga welcomed the visit of Mr. He Zhenwei and his delegation and expressed his willingness to participate in the COIFAIR to be held on September 16 this year, pointing out that this year is the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Uganda and China, and the Ugandan-Chinese economic and trade relations have made significant progress over the years. Uganda, as the "African hinterland", actively participates in the construction of Belt and Road, and Uganda Investment authority plays an important role in Chinese enterprises' investment in Uganda. At the same time, in the implementation of Uganda's "Vision 2040", Chinese enterprises have injected great energy into the development of local industrial parks, and the advantages of both sides complement each other, fully releasing the potential of local industrial development.

For energy, Mr. He Zhenwei introduced Clean Energy Expo China 2022 to Mr. Mukaga and invited Mr. Mukaga to attend it. For agriculture, we have actively promoted Panamanian pineapple and Kyrgyzstan honey to China. As the second largest coffee producer in Africa, we will actively promote coffee exports to China.

"Thank you very much for this platform of CODA, and welcome you to recommend Chinese enterprises to invest in Uganda. Investing in Uganda is investing in the future. Welcome to Uganda, and we are here" said Chargé d'affaires Oundo Mukaga.

Ms. Apio Jackline, Financial Attaché, Ms. Doryn Negesa, Economic Research Assistant , Liu Jianqing, Deputy secretary General, Dang Tao, Director of Business Department Ⅳ of CODA, Yang Yang and Ying Tongyan attended the meeting (Contributed by Business Department Ⅳ)


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