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Liu Jianqing hold meeting with Minister of Tanzanian Embassy

发布时间:2022-04-09 21:07:06 文章来源:Business Development Department IV

In the afternoon of April 8, deputy secretary general Liu Jianqing from CODA visited the Tanzanian Embassy in China, and had a meeting with the Minister, Mr. Miraji Ussi, on engaging in cooperation.

Liu Jianqing firstly introduced the basic information of CODA to the Minister, pointed out the role of CODA in serving enterprises to “go global”, and focused on the China Overseas Investment Fair, and hoped that Tanzanian Embassy would attend the 13th China Overseas Investment Fair and deliver a speech at the African Countries Promotion Forum. At the same time, she exchanged views with the Minister on the China-East Africa Investment Cooperation Forum to be held in April.

Mr. Miraji Ussi expressed his gratitude for the visit of Liu Jianqing and her group, and illustrated that the Tanzanian-Chinese relations have a long history and maintain close cooperation. The Tanzanian Embassy in China is willing to actively participate in the activities held by CODA so as to further promote investment development and economic and trade exchanges between Tanzania and China.

Both two sides agreed to hold an investment forum especially for Tanzania at a later date, focusing on special sector, to build a platform for Chinese enterprises to invest in Tanzania and Tanzanian enterprises to implement cooperation within China, and to provide consultation and services for more Chinese and Tanzanian enterprises and institutions.

Dang Tao, Director of Business Department Ⅳ of CODA, and Ying Tongyan attended the meeting (Contributed by Business Department Ⅳ)


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