Yankuang Croup Co., Ltd

Yankuang Croup Co., Ltd is an estra-large SOE with total assets of RMB 22.844 billion and more than 50 subsidiaries. Yankuang Croup is engaged in coal production and sales , coal chemical, civil engineering, etc with annual total sales income of RMB 11.258 billion. It is one of the 120enterprises for experiment of large enterprise groups as designated by the State Council. Its sub-company, Yangzhou Coal Mining Company Limited, bas been successfully listed on New York Stock exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai securities Exchange respectively in 1998.Thanks to the comprehensive mechanical top caving technique, the annual raw coal output of the Group has reached 40 million tones and annual export volumn reached 15 million tones. It is the largest coal producer and trader in most prosperous eastern China and one of the biggest coal exporter in China.
Yangkuang Croup has won many awards such as“Top Award for National Science and Technology Innovation ”,“National Excellent Enterprise” ,“Special Award for National Enterprise for Quality and Efficiency”, “Labor Day Award”. Yankuang Group has been rated as “AAA” enterprise by Dagong Global Rating Co., Ltd, Yangkuang Croup was recommended by the State Council as the top 10 best SOE for enterprise reform and development. Yankuang Group Was rated by China Enterprise Federation as one of the “Most Influential Company for year 2001”.
Yankuang Group has set up its strategy for development. Within nest 10years, Yangkuang Group will become the biggest coal producer and exporter in China, and world-class clean coal and chemical production base with annual sales income of RMB 75-80 billion.


Yankugn Group is located in Jining City, Shandong Province.
It is situated in the hometown of Confucius, and the Confucius Temple is one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. The Company enjoys the advantages of convenient and low cost transportation .The three main national railways of China run through the mining area. There is a special railway for coal transportation from the Company headquarters to the second largest coal port in China, Rizhao Coal terminal, which is only 300 km away. Driving to Jinan Airport takes less than 2 hours while to Beijing and Shanghai no more than 6 hours.

Website: http://www.yanzhoucoal.com.cn